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Bets – Parlay Sports Betting Odds
Parlay bets are of betting wagers that include at least two teams with larger payouts forms. All teams must win or cover the point-spread so as to win your bet. Bets might include totals, point-spreads, money lines and sports. A bet payout depends on the number of teams in the bet. Our sportsbook offers the largest parlay payouts in the sports.
Parlay Bet Tie
The number of teams in the market and its own payout will decrease. If one group ties in a four team parlay, it will drop to a three team parlay. If one team resides in a two team parlay, it will revert to a straight wager. Cancelled or postponed games have been regarded as a tie for all wagering purposes.
In the preceding example, your wager on the Patriots/Falcons caused a push. In a bet, a push means that your bet that is parlay reverts to a lower parlay bet. In this case, you finally have a two team parlay. Both your bets on the Baltimore Ravens and the Milwaukee Bucks led to a win. You won $260.

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